Chakra Sound Meditation Monochord Chair

These chairs are surprisingly comfortable to sit in for your chakra work or meditation with real crystals aligned to the chakra points on your body. This healing Chair complete rebalances each chakra vortex and stabilises your energy field.

The following crystals are utilised for the activation of each Chakra point inside the healing chair:

  • Root Chakra is Hematite
  • Sacral Chakra is Carnelian
  • Solar Plexus is Calcite
  • Heart Chakra is Aventurine or Rose Quartz if preferred
  • Throat Chakra is Sodalite
  • Third eye Chakra is Lapis
  • Crown Chakra is Amethyst

With the use of the monochord instrument strings on the back of the chair, the strings vibrations are able to transfer high frequencies to reprogram the cellular matrix with sound and vibrations through the wood. This healing chair not only activates one’s energy field, it also grounds and anchors oneself back inside their body for deep rejuvenation and relaxation.

They are made from one piece of solid hardwood and come apart easily to store upright using minimal space when not in use. They are handcrafted making each one unique upon order.