Aurora Is the Etheric Essence of All Creation That Breathes Living Life Force Into the Elements of Our Universe

Through this state of consciousness, the aura begins to sustain the physical body with highly stable frequencies of light intelligence.

This process creates a release of rarefied hormones that flow throughout the DNA to advance its coding into an illuminated crystalline geometry. At such a stage, it is no longer possible for one to be drawn back into the lower frequencies for more than a brief period of time.

As Involution is embodied, one becomes sovereign and absorbed into their own light body. This light body activation ignites a spontaneous release of karmic bonds, that usher in the undefinable state of enlightened awareness.


With creator and artist Sananda


The quantum potential for each sacred code indicates how their intelligent designs and geometric encodements can enhance your life and reality. Each sacred code has its own intelligent field of consciousness that will intuitively communicate to you in its own unique way.

These sacred code are multi-purposeful with how they can positively enhance and affect your life. Listed below are the Quantum potentials for each sacred code; however, there is indeed no limit to what they are capable of doing, in service to your life.

Quantum Potential of Involution


Rejuvenating your cellular structure with high dimensional light from your Energy Body


Becoming ignited with passions and insights to express your divine creativity in all you do


Attracting the richness and fullness of life’s beauty for you to fully blossom


Releasing the karmic timelines and bonds that no longer serve your highest spiritual growth


Neutralising any emotional charge that prevents one to love and accept all beings unconditionally

A solid wooden float frame surrounds the 38mm canvas to create a unique and original work of art.

The stretched canvas comes with an internal frame created using specialist canvas stretcher bars. In addition, the framed canvas has a traditional picture frame added around the outside edge of the canvas.

The simple addition of a wooden picture frame creates a completely new form of wall art; quite distinct to a standard stretched canvas.

The thin frame sits approximately 5mm from the edge of the canvas helping create a floating border that has a stunning visual effect on the framing of the sacred code.

The canvas we use is a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.

‘The family of IODP has been divinely inspired to donate 10% from all our Courses and Art to support charitable projects that are serving the betterment of humanity and our beloved Mother Earth’.

Dimensions N/A

600mm x 600mm, 900mm x 900mm, 1200mm x 1200mm