Moldavite Scarab


  • Sterling Silver | Gold Plated | Highest Quality Moldavite
  • Powerful Bracelet with Ancient Egyptian design combining the Scarab with the wings of Isis
  • Highest grade Moldavite Scarab carving
  • Exclusive StoneAge design
  • Comes in its own StoneAge Giftbox
  • The Stone of the Holy Grail

    Moldavite known as the Stone of the Holy Grail is used often worn as a spiritual talisman. Moldavite’s energies has the ability to activate all chakras in the body. Scientific studies have revealed that its comes from a meteorite that hit 14.8 million years ago. Its intelligence moves to where blockages and stuck energies have become lodged and targets these areas to unblock them. As Moldavite aligns one to Divine will and creates synchronicities throughout one’s life. This stone increases lucid dreaming, connection with one’s spirit guides and facilitation of healing.

  • Symbol of Immortality

    Held sacred by the Egyptian God of Creation, The Scarab Beetle represents resurrection and immortality of body and spirit. As a symbol of the spirit, the scarab beetle carries insight and transformation associated with renewal, ascension and vision beyond the veils. Seen as a symbol of the Heavenly Cycles the Egyptian Solar god Ra was often depicted as a man wearing a Scarab on his head. The Scarab is a guide to the path traveled by those who abide in the spiritual realms. An escort to the cosmic universe, the scarab represents eternity and the unending presence of the connection between the ALL.

  • Wings of Isis

    When worn, the protective and embracing wings of Isis create a container to be fully held in Divine Mother Love. The goddess Isis, a moon goddess of wisdom and magick gave birth to Horus, a sun god and benevolent leader who prayed for salvation and ascension for his people. Isis was known as the Mother of Life as well as the Goddess of death and rebirth. The wings of Isis hold the protective aspect of the symbol and key that the Egyptians utilized on sacred altars in ceremonies to the Gods. The wings of Isis are an iconic symbol to represent the celestial world as it meets with the physical.

Each Piece is Handmade

Specifically Programmed Upon Order

To increase the effectiveness and personalisation of your purchased Egyptian BioEnergy Jewellery, Shekinah and Sananda will offer personalised programming and encodements for each piece depending upon whatever your hearts desires are to assist your spiritual journey and live a life of abundance.

Due to the detailed encodements and extensive handcrafting for each individual order, there is a 2-4 week delivery time upon purchase. Customised gemstones and crystal for each piece available upon special order


  • To enhance this Egyptian Bio-Energy Jewellery, Sananda and Shekinah can reprogramme each piece to support your exact energetic and spiritual requirements
  • Beautifully designed to support the Activation and encodment of the human Bio-Energy field
  • The High vibratory frequency of the purest metals and gemstones of each design support higher self-embodiment
  • Design includes natural gemstones and ancient Egyptian symbology to awaken the memories stored inside your DNA template
  • Made with mastery and precision to detail the Ancient coding of the previous Golden Age
  • Each design handmade with precision upon ordering