Sound Alchemy
Blissful Vibrations to Awaken the Mind and Illuminate the Heart

What is Sound Alchemy?

Communing with the High vibration and frequency of a crystal sound bowl is synonymous with awakening to the ancient memories of the tones and harmonies of creation while bathing the waters of your body and soul essence in its primordial perfection.

This ancient Spiritual Technology is known as sound alchemy and has been used as a healing potion to receive and release frequency wave patterns within the body and energy field. Just as a pebble makes ripples after being thrown into a still body of water, these sound waves reverberate through the universe that is your body and creates imprints in the cells and structure just as sound inscribes matter throughout the galaxy to create form. 

Vibration itself is the Animation of Sound

As all in physical action creates a vibrational pattern from which the human vessel initiates movement from the most innocuous molecule to the completion of the universe itself.

For, It is not only the ears that perceive sound but so does the skin, bone, muscles and the whole body receives this miracle of vibrational movement.

The Mother tone harmonic of “OM” is the Universal sound of creation containing the frequencies of all other sounds. In many ancient cultures, sound has been believed to have birthed the universe itself into being. Thus, its frequency is able to bring more light into your body as you attune to the electromagnetic field of 7th Dimensional Gaia. Sound healing is the energy medicine of the future for the Golden Age and is a profound experience for all who are able to utilize this alchemy within..

Sound research has shown the miraculous healing and effect that sound can produce among all 12 systems of the body.

High vibrational sound tones have been recognized in opening the meridians of the physical heart, the spiritual heart and the High Heart, reconfigure deficiencies in the body and bring about great peace and balance within. Scientific studies have revealed that every molecule, cell, and organ both emit and absorb light fractals with every expansion and contraction within the source field.  imagine what creating your own perfect sound laboratory would do for you?


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