Source Code Art
Visionary Wall Art & Accessories

This collectors edition series of fine art has been brought forth to humanity in order to inspire the spiritual embodiment of Liberation

The way of Liberation is a unique and spontaneous path that inevitably reveals the unchangeable truth of one’s own eternal nature as Sananda (Supreme Bliss). This potential is within every being, and these Sacred Codes are portals to feel the union with one’s own Divinity.

These divine geometries are far more than art, they are living expressions of Kryst/Christ Consciousness and raise the vibration of any environment in which they reside.

They can be used as transcendental tools for meditation, as living healing frequencies and also to access higher dimensions of consciousness. You can Interact with them consciously by inviting the living intelligence of them into your light body, or passively by allowing them to transmit blissful energy into the environment in which you choose to have them.

The sacred codes have been brought forth by Sananda in deep blissful states of meditation, to unify the higher frequencies of the universe into art.

He respectfully attempts to describe the indescribable, interpret the uninterpretable and express the inexpressible mystery of the Divine through every piece. With the celestial colours of light pulsating through each geometry, the sacred codes intend to assist humanity’s spiritual evolution and bring forth a familiar sense of oneness and unity to all of life.



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All the pieces we sell ship with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and the publisher.

Your new art piece will be part of a limited edition run signed, verified and numbered. Each piece will include a certification, code description and charity information.